Jordanhill Campus Development

Jordanhill Community Council demands greater participation in the delivery of community planning in connection with the proposed redevelopment of the former University of Strathclyde, Faculty of Education Campus, Jordanhill, Glasgow.

In line with Scottish Government policies we expect Glasgow City Council to recognise the community’s right to be involved in shaping its own future.

We want effective engagement to inform distinctive ‘placemaking’ and services that make a real difference to local people’s lives.

We are determined to hold to account The University of Strathclyde in its moral and ethical responsibility to the Jordanhill Community.

The Community is not prepared to accept the further loss of circa 1.4 Hectares of Open Space equivalent to 14,000 square metres, the approximate size of two regulation football pitches along with the destruction of 72 protected mature trees.

This site publishes the work undertaken to date, designed to stimulate dialogue with Constituents and the wider Community.

We must be allowed to obtain the physical and tangible legacy benefits from the redevelopment to ensure that Jordanhill Campus remains at the heart of the Community for generations to come.

On 22 August 2017 Jordanhill Community Council obtained, from the Court of Session, a Protected Expenses Order in relation to the Judicial Review Petition served against Glasgow City Council that challenges the Planning Decision Notice of 26 January 2017 (11/00794/DC). Court of Session Hearing Dates are set for the 16th and 17th November 2017.

About Your Community Council and Campus Sub-Committee

Jordanhill Community Council (JCC) is an unincorporated organisation governed by The Scheme of Establishment of Community Councils (2013) including the approved Constitution, Code of Conduct, Standing Orders and List of Community Council Areas.

JCC has a Membership of ten (10) with a quorum of four (4) elected in October 2016 to serve a term of four (4) years to 2020.

Your Community Council meets at Jordanhill School on the first Monday of each month, excepting public holidays with no meetings held between July and August.


Additionally, the Community Council Briefing shares information which has been sent to all Glasgow community councils.

Jordanhill Campus Sub-Committee was established on 9 th January 2017. Its present mandated obligations are:

  1. Support the Judicial Review Petition, planning process and outcomes;
  2. Lead on financial management and reporting, including fundraising event coordination;
  3. Develop the Community Value Proposition and planning mitigation measures to engage with outside parties as appropriate;
  4. Build capacity resource to continue Community engagement, including groups heard less often, disabled, young persons, those disadvantaged, and
  5. Provide regular updates to Jordanhill Community Council.

About the Development

The first stage of the process started in November 2006 and following the issue of the DRS Report to Planning Applications Committee in January 2013 concluded with the Planning Decision Notice of 26 January 2017. This granted to The University of Strathclyde Planning Permission in Principle subject to Condition(s) for the erection of a residential development and associated infrastructure including conversion of listed and non-listed buildings at Jordanhill College (11/00794/DC).

The second stage was initiated by CALA Homes (West) Limited with two Applications verified by the Planning Authority during March 2017; one for Listed Building Consent – David Stow Building (17/00530/DC); the other Matters Specified in Conditions (17/00531/DC). Representations’ against these Applications that included a Community Value Proposition were made in April 2017.

A portfolio of key documents that represent a summary of the planning history, Record of Public Meetings including Meetings with Elected Members can be viewed here.

Campus Fund - Please Donate

We need your continued help to raise funds to support the Judicial Review Petition which will be heard in Court on 16th and 17th November 2017. Please consider making a donation here.


For other methods,such as cheque,bank transfer, or cash donations, please contact the committee directly here.